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    Why are we better?

    We are a family run business who offer our customers a new and exciting alternative to existing products on the market.


    Stair Safety gates need not look out of place anymore with our Unique gates made to suit your stairs, doorways, archways etc.

    Suitable for your home, creche, nursing home or wherever needed.

    Why not add to your homes best features rather than take away.



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    Custom Design

    Any shape, curve or size, whether you have glass or cast iron spindles, We will do our best to make them blend in.


    We are offering to enhance that feature by designing, manufacturing and installing a customised stairgate. All gates are custom made to suit your individual home.


    Our stairgates are made to suit anyone!

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    Having difficulty sourcing a stairgate to fit your stairs, are the options out there going to destroy your beautiful stairs, that lovely curve at the bottom, where do you go to source something to keep Junior safe but keep the “wow” factor of your stairs?


    Unique Stairgates.

    We design and build customised Stairgates to suit any existing stairs. No matter what type you have, we will do our best to design and supply a gate to suit. So why not call US today for a quote.

Welcome to Unique Stairgates

Congratulations on the arrival of your little baby. Have you got everything you need to babyproof your home?

How about that fantastic staircase that you choose when you built your home, the main feature in your  house, the “wow” factor entrance you successfully achieved once you put it in? Have you thought about how you’re going to stop junior exploring life beyond the ground floor?

Well at Unique Stairgates, we are offering to enhance that feature by designing, manufacturing and installing a customised stairgate to suit your existing stairs.

Whether you have timber or cast Iron spindles, we will do our best to match the gate exactly.

Customer Testimonials

"They look amazing, we are very happy with our gates, our friends and neighbours are in awe at how well they look and how much they have added to our stairs. Thanks you guys"

- Nichola, Waterford

  • Improve safety without compromising the quality of your decor

  • Unique Stairgates Custom made for your Home or Business

  • Handmade by us to match closely your existing interior

What our happy customers say...

"We are delighted with our custom made stairgate, we're very impressed and will definitely recommend to friends. We cannot believe how well the gates have been matched in and how solid they are."

- Sinead, Galway

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